The 2018 Winter Drama Production

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The 2018 Winter Drama Production was recorded live on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 in the Maples Theatre. This performance was not broadcast live on Channel 7 Oaks.


Erin Teodoro                 Ms. Wiley
Harleen Kaur                Reporter
Komal Sroya                 Photographer, Radium Girl
Ajaypal Jassal              Bailey, Drinker, Lovesick Cowboy, Board Member 1
Marc Tan                        Dr. Von Sochocky
Sabrina Sainsbury       Court, Board Member 3, Radium Girl
Jessica Glowala          Sob Sister, Stage Manager
Stephanie Shau           Society Woman
Nick Prost                      Arthur Roeder
Roland Salacup           Dr. Knef
Melissa Sosulski         Grace Fryer
Nish Joshi                     Board Member 2
Tatiana Nippi                 Katheryn
Jayzee Calingasan      Clerk, Dr. Flynn
Patricia Arevalo             Harriet, Radium Girl
Melody Cacao               Diane Roeder
Apollo Miao                    Markley
Arielle Rosario              Mrs. Fryer
Nica Gulco                     Radium Girl, Ensemble
Gabriel Datuin               Tom, Berry
Herlinda Dalayoan       Madame Curie, Mrs. Roeder
Kaycie Yumul                 Irene, Shopper / Customer
Helena Chen                 Shopgirl  / Storeowner, Radium Girl
Jenny Vo                         Saleswoman, Radium Girl
Anantjot Khosa             Elderly widow, Radium Girl
Ericka Nabong              Martland, Radium Girl
Javen Cabrera              Lee
Odessa Moore              MacNiel, Ms. Michaels
Anne Detablen              Stage Manager

Ms. Jennifer Gillespie
Ms. Leanne Oakes
Ms. Cheryl Jackson

Technical Director

Mr. Saul Henteleff and Theatre Tech

Special Thank You
Jessica Glowala
Anne Detablen
Julia Stern

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"The performers did an awesome job!"
Anonymous - 287 days ago
"This video deserves an award!"
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